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How to Grow Your Facebook Group!

It's been a minute since I've talked about growing your Facebook page, and there's a reason for that. While I don't think it's IMPOSSIBLE to grow your page organically on Facebook anymore, but it's getting pretty damn close. It's very much a pay for play right now, I mean I have done some pretty successful Facebook ads that have gotten some incredible engagement, but they still had to pay some money for it to go live. I am going to show you one way you can drive traffic to your Facebook page, which is starting and growing your Facebook group.

1. Make it quick, simple and easy!

Whether it's on an email list or even the front page of your website, you can easily get people to join your FREE Facebook community group (yes, this group should be free). In fact, here's some copy you could put on your website: "Hey guys, thanks for visiting my website OR Hey there, thanks for learning more about (insert business name), (Talk about your mission here) and we have an amazing community of (talk about your audience here) in our FB group, that help and support each other. You can join all (insert FB group number here or don't if it's new) us here. "

2. Go LIVE!

Yes, go live. If you are running a group, you will need to go live sometime during the week. I have a separate blog post on different topics you should talk about when you go live. How many times a week you ask? If you are a fitness or wellness coach, someone who does sales or is in the business of helping people one on one, you should be going live AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. If you are a product-based business, you should go live less than that.

3. Create engaging posts.

Now that might seem like a "duh" tip, but it's true. In order to see any growth on your page, you must a) be passionate about the topic and b) use that passion to fuel your posts. Some of the best content I've seen that gets people to engage is asking their audience what would they like to see offered in their company or what is their biggest issue that they want to be fixed right now? I've seen a lot of people asking these two questions in many different ways across the board. When you create a community of people that genuinely want to help each other, it's absolutely the best. This is the best way to get the word out for your group in my opinion. I can't even tell you how many times I have casually dropped the names of my groups I am in just because the communities are so amazing! Sharing behind the scenes footage of your work also works really well too.

4. Casually Mentioning Your Free Group in Other Pieces of Content You Have

Another way of getting your FB group noticed is to mention it in other content pieces you have or a part of. Podcasts, masterclasses, workshops, YouTube videos, Facebook videos, IG posts, and many more. You can even say something along the lines of "We have this group on FB filled with amazing people that help and support each other on a daily basis. I am in there all the time, going live, and whatnot, You can check it out by searching (enter group name here) on Facebook and joining in on the conversation. It's absolutely free to join and we give a ton of value in there."

5. Reward Top Contributors

Going to Group Insights (Left hand side when you go into the group as an admin > member details) will let you know who are the top contributors (making comments and posts) in your group. Send these guys a private message or let them be an admin. These guys can help you get rid of haters and spammy posts in your group, which will mean less work for you at the end of the day. I have seen people become friends with these guys and eventually get these people to work for them!

6. Test New Ideas/Product Launches with Your Group!

Your free group is a great way to test your ideas with your audience, cause let's be honest if they joined your group they have some sort of interest in buying. They are at the warm stage in your marketing funnel and this is such a great way to nurture these potential leads. Let's say you are releasing a book in the next three months and you have some designs you want to share with your group. Test at least two to three of these designs out to your group and gather the feedback. Go live with your final design!

I Need Help Growing My Facebook Group!

No problem! There is nothing like having a small but mighty community of people that can help you and other people grow! SPB Productions can help you get your Facebook group where you know it can be. I can strategize with you on how you can turn your page, group and community of amazingly loyal customers or clients into more sales for your company. Interested? Let's have a conversation about it!

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