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How To Handle Negativity on Social Media as a Spiritual Entreprenuer

If you are an empathic entrepreneur, and you are constantly on social media. You may be wondering why you should even be on social media right now. Social media is a great tool, but that is what is - a tool. Tools can either help you and your business or not help you at all, depending on how you use it. More importantly, what kind of energy you are putting into social media? Are you going on social media because you are anticipating negative energy? Are you going on social media because you are anticipating positive energy? Are posting with positive intentions or negative intentions on social media? These are the questions we must ask ourselves before and after we get on social media.

Posting with Positivity

What kind of energy are you posting with on social? If you are an entrepreneur, are you posting from a place of lack or abundance? If you are a spiritual entrepreneur, are you posting from a place of guidance and servitude or a place of scarcity? It's all real. Mindset is the key to success. If you tell yourself you are a millionaire every single day, you will eventually believe it, even if you don't have a million dollars in your bank account. Before you know it, you will exhibit behaviors of a millionaire and make moves like a millionaire, but you got to believe in yourself first. Listen, I have been there before, I began posting from a place of lack and I struggled to get anyone on a call soon after I posted. I didn't understand the energy and the mindset I was going into while I was posting. It all came from lack and scarcity. Post with the intent of service and guidance. You will have an abundance of clients.

Protect Your Energy

When you are on social media, it's so important to protect your energy from things that could have a negative impact on you. As an empathic entrepreneur, you feel things at 100 all the time, and when you are seeing posts about the election, people dying on your feed, or political unrest it's not the best way to go about your day. It's so important to observe and not absorb. It's easy to say to not let it affect you, but it most likely will let's be honest. Here is what you should do when you come across negativity on social media:

  1. Keep crystals at your side. I personally love black tourmaline and obsidian as my go-to crystals if I want to not have negative energy around me.

  2. Block people. Seriously, this has been my favorite feature recently. Don't let people have access to you if they cross you.

  3. Be the positivity! Don't let negative people get you down, fight it with your light.

  4. Take a break. It's unhealthy to be doing one thing all the time, every single day. So take a break from social media if it's affecting you that much

Negative people on social media can stay in their lane, don't let their toxicity interfere with your magic!

Get Some Energy Healing Done!

If you are an empath, intuitive, or psychic you also might need to see a reiki specialist if you are on social media. We not only absorb a lot of energy but cords can get attached to us through platforms like social media. Getting energy healing and cord-cutting done on your body would be a great option for you too. When your chakras are aligned, and you do the inner work within yourself you won't let negativity affect you. As a spiritual person, you will need to also handle your shadow self and you will need to keep working on acknowledging your shadow. Let's be honest, not all of us have said positive things on social media, sometimes the stuff we say can be seen as a negative thing. Take that toxicity out by working on your shadow.

Work On Your Shadow Self!

As I said above, working on your shadow self to not take things in a negative way, learning how you might be contributing, or just saying things that you might not mean to people. I've definitely said things that I didn't mean or really think things through on social media and it was detrimental to my well being. It was really toxic and it took me a while for me to not go on certain sites anymore. How can you work on your shadow self?

  1. Write out what is bothering you in a letter and burn it.

  2. Think about what you are going to say to someone before you write it out on social media

  3. Take a salt bath and get quiet with your thoughts

  4. Turn off your phone and don't answer any texts for at least an hour.

  5. Be aware of your thoughts when you see a negative post. Take three seconds to really think about what you could write, and then if it helps, write it out in a note on your phone. If it seems appropriate to post then post it. If not, then delete the note.

Work on the above and you will get a lot better at handling yourself and the negativity on social media.

How Does This Work for My Business?

As a spiritual entrepreneur and an empathic entrepreneur, it's so important to create content that is intentional and speaks to your audience. If you come from a place of lack, it will come across that way. We attract what we are! The same thing works when you come from a place of toxicity. If you are coming from a place of toxicity, you will attract toxic entrepreneurs who are also dealing with similar issues. The opposite works as well. Come from a place of service and positivity, you will attract the same. Take a look at your content from the past 30-60 days. Does it answer the following questions:

  1. Does your content answer common questions among your audience?

  2. Does your content educate your audience?

  3. Leave people feeling inspired?

  4. Have a lot of positivity?

Make sure all the answers are yes, and if there is a no amongst these find out what is causing this. Is it you? Your offering? Your social media presence? You will need to figure it out in order to move forward!

We Can Help!

The Spirit Digital can help you create a three to six-month strategy on how to get your social media to that next level you need as a spiritually based business. We understand that you have a special market you need to speak to and with our own intuitive gifts, we can generate revenue and sales you need in your business right now. Interested? Fill out this form, and we can get on a call!

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