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Is Your Third Eye Open?

I recently did a podcast with Haley Helveston about how to open up your third eye and it was incredible! This year has kinda thrown everyone in for a major loop, right? All the eclipses, retrogrades, and planets all in misalignment it's no wonder we are all in the position where we are now. I do think now is a good time to really get in tuned with self and learn how to really open our third eye. There's a ton of ways you can do it and no you don't have to make a special concoction to do it either. Every single person on this planet has the ability to tap into their psychic ability. Just like there are amazing athletes, singers, actors, scientists, and leaders on this planet with a god-given gift, there are also people that have a God-given ability to see with their third eye.


Just 15-30 minutes of deep meditation can open up your third eye more and more each and every single day. You can either sit in silence, which I believe is what a lot of experienced yogis and Buddhists recommend, or you can put some meditation music on YouTube. Write down what you see or hear after the 30 mins. You might find it hard to concentrate and if you really can't focus, I highly suggest you focus on nothing but your breath. If you are in tune, you might hear voices that aren't yours. It sounds crazy, but it's not.

Take a walk in nature!

Do you live near a heavily wooded area or a pond? If you do, take a walk near that area. Empaths naturally feel energized by being around nature. Taking a walk outside in the morning or in a place where there's not a lot of traffic around would also do the same thing. Listen to music or just listen to the sounds of nature. I know that there are some people that are total believers in being completely grounded in the earth, where they take their shoes off and really feel the earth underneath them. I have done this before, but my skin is sensitive to chemicals in the grass, so not really an option for me.

Eat right!

Not saying that eating right automatically makes your third eye open, it doesn't work like that. However, it does contribute to a better third eye-opening experience. Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or eat meat, I always say, less fat and sugar in each of these diets goes a very long way. Also, drink water! Like lots of water! There's a very good chance that if you are American or live in the Western world, you don't drink enough water. Hydrate yourself! Drink water. Limit your alcohol intake. I think the last time I drank any alcohol was a month ago for my birthday and that was one glass of red wine.


For some, this might mean pumping the iron at the gym, and for others, it might be doing yoga in your backyard. Do whatever floats your boat. I like to walk 2.2 miles every single day, then do weights every other day. I also like to dance around my home! Fun fact: I actually wanted to be a ballerina when I was younger. Whatever gets you up off of your feet and gets your heart racing. Try working out and exercising as often as you possibly can. You sometimes can get downloads off of exercising (I know I do), you just have to keep moving and always listen to your body! If your body is telling you it can't do something, don't push it! I've learned this the hard way.

Use crystals!

I like to use amethyst, rose, and clear quartz around my office and under my pillow when I sleep. Again, this doesn't totally open up your third eye, but it does help. Working with crystals, saying affirmations with them every single day, raising that vibration, and being totally present is the way to go. I also use black tourmaline to absorb any negative energy around me and as an empath, this is also important cause we absorb a lot of energy! Selenite, Tigers eye, and this blue crystal that I got from Sri Lanka, I can't remember the name, are also very powerful!

Say affirmations!

I actually had a journal, called Today I Affirm and I used to write what I affirm about myself that day. For example, I told myself that I was a badass boss babe that was going to dominate the entire world one day. Okay, I really didn't say that, but I did tell myself I was a badass boss that was going to build an empire. I really do believe that. I tell myself I am filled with abundance and I can inspire others every single day. It's not enough that you say it, you have to believe in it while doing all the things above. When you say it enough you believe in it! So say the right things to yourself!

Let's continue the conversation!

What kind of things do you do to open your third eye? Are you someone that has never done anything before to open it or do you think it's already opened? I am definitely going to go live on this topic very soon and I want to see you all there. I want to know how you guys handle your intuition and third eye in your day to day life in your business? Let me know! Remember to follow me on social media cause I do a lot of crazy stuff on there as well!





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