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It's All About Cleaning Up, Inside and Out!

I've been learning more about myself each and every day. What is blocking me from achieving that dream that I always wanted for myself? What is actually keeping me from going over that one big hurdle that I always had within myself? Ever since I was a young girl, I always had doubts, fears, and low self-esteem that prevented me from getting what I knew I deserved. This entire year has tested a lot of people, including myself. My business has been put to the test, and I was wondering why certain things weren't working. I've learned that what I am trying to manifest is probably real, the exact thing you will manifest. The way you will get abundance for example might be slightly different than what you have been working towards for example.

That is exactly what has been coming up for me. I love my digital marketing and branding company. I have had amazing clients and such wonderful people I have worked with. However, I feel this evolving nature happening to my business. I have so many things come up for me that it's not always related to marketing and I really do think this might be my path. Not to say, marketing and branding won't be a part of my business, it still will. I am just changing it slightly. I think that during these very trying times for many business owners during the pandemic, coaching or mentoring is more helpful than me just managing accounts.

Some people are having their best year ever. Some people are just over the moon with the abundance they are getting and that's totally okay. Most people are not though and that is why I want to help those businesses. We are also faced with the challenge of being online as empaths, especially what is going on with the world right now with Black Lives Matter, the upcoming election, and what is going on with ICE right now. This is why I really love what Cara Sevier, from the Not Just Nursing Show and the Ultimate Nurseprenuer, along with myself have created with Be Empathically Social: How to Own Social Media as an Empath. Where we have created a workshop for empaths on how to navigate their way on social media.

This is one of the many ideas that have come up for me. Starting my own podcast is another idea I had, and I would love to talk about how to use your third eye for your business and see the blocks that come up for you, (although I really do recommend using someone else to see your own blocks). I think that everyone should do some cleaning up every now and then with their soul and their body. I do think if you are living in trash in your mind, you will live like trash in your body. Your actions will soon follow. If your mind thinks like trash, you will then feed it trash. You will feed it stuff it doesn't really need or will dehydrate you. When you feed and nourish your mind with good things, your body will follow. You will see the weight fall off, you will be stress-free, and feel happier!

I have done some inner trauma healing as well, which has been so helpful. To me, it's a little more effective than reiki because I felt the results right away. Having at least four sessions of trauma healing (along with a few days of rest cause your soul has been through a lot), can make a world of difference. I have had cord cutting sessions before, reiki, and readings done on me, but nothing worked better than trauma healing. If you are having blocks in your life, I highly recommend trauma healing and I also recommend doing your research on trauma healers before you pick one. Nadene Joy is great!

Affirmations are great too, but as I think with everything in life, consistency is everything. I wrote down several affirmations the other day:

I am love

I am worthy of love

I deserve love

Money comes easily and abundantly

I receive divine downloads

I operate in a space of divine alignment

I know I am destined for the big things

I was born to be a multi-millionaire

Every time I speak someone is inspired

Everybody that hears my voice is inspired, it was an intention they were led to you for a reason

I feel sexy as f

My body craves healthy things

I have a desire to move

Every single day I move things forward in ways I can’t see

I believe that my life there are amazing and beautiful things put into momentum years, months days minutes beforehand and I just had no idea, they were already set into momentum and now I have to be in a space to receive.

I deserve abundance

I deserve safety

I deserve nice things

I deserve luxury

I am loved

I give love

I show up and every time I show up somebody is blessed

Every time I show up there is a purpose

Every time I show up I am putting energy out into the world that is going to come back to me 100x over

I am an empress. I rule all the things that I see.

I will be known

I am known nationally and internationally

Every piece and every experience that I had in my life has shaped me for who I am right now. There’s no experience, no hurt, no pain that has been so big, so great that it will derail me, that it is only added to everything I have to offer. In the multitude of things, I have experienced in my life.

These are the affirmations that are super effective for me, all thanks to Sharon Guiterrez from Compliments of Sharon! My life has changed with her Manifest List book, go out and buy it if you don't have it! You really can manifest anything you want in your life, you just have to be in the right mindset and right space in order to receive.

When you clean up inside and out, you will be in a space to receive almost anything you put out there and desire. You can achieve anything you want even during the pandemic, and you will be able to help others with your gifts!


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