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LinkedIn Love During COVID 19

LinkedIn is a very under-utilized platform among many professionals these days. Not enough CEOs use it to connect with others and become a true thought leader on that particular platform. There's so much you can do on there these days. I am still waiting for them to release LinkedIn Live to everyone and as I have stated before, LinkedIn Stories is just around the corner. It's not just a B2B platform anymore, it's slowly starting to become a B2C platform. During COVID 19 and with people on social media more than ever, LinkedIn is getting tons of love from everyone!

Content That's Trending on LinkedIn

There's a ton of content right now that is trending on LinkedIn. In fact, topics about remote work, crisis management, and social distancing take the top spots at the moment. A lot of companies are using LinkedIn to search for remote work options and if you are one of those companies that works remotely, then going Live and talking about how remote you are during this time and the opportunities you have right now (as companies are laying off employees). What tools are you using right now to work remotely? How are you keeping track of your employees progress? This is all stuff that other CEOs should hear as they reconvene.

It's Now Time to Innovate!

How are you standing out during COVID 19 on LinkedIn? Are you offering all of these services for free? That's what a lot of businesses are doing right now.

  • The NFL just released free digital education to lead a healthy lifestyle during this trying time.

  • LVMH started making medical supplies amid this crisis.

  • Alibaba provided updates on how their tools were helping organizations worldwide.

How are you innovating during this time? Are you pivoting in the right direction and providing your clients or customers with what they need during this trying time? Now is the perfect time to provide free resources or heavily discounted prices off of your courses, classes, products or other services.

What Kind of Content Can I Provide?

There are so many ways you can provide quality content on LinkedIn. The #humblebrag is pretty popular on the platform, so pictures of you providing food, supplies and/or support to the local hospitals in your area. If you are a teacher or tutor with your own school, you can get the kids to write letters to the doctors, firemen and other service people helping people with this coronavirus. If you are a health coach, providing a free masterclass on LinkedIn on how to stay healthy during quarantine would get you more clients and more business in the next few months (after this is all over). If you are a natural product company, providing a video or a guide on how to make your own turmeric ginger tea to keep your immune system up would be far more helpful.

Who Should I Connect With?

Only connect with people that not only can bring you business but with people you can help! Who is your ideal audience? Is it a woman in her 30s-40s that has children and looking for a new experience in life? Is it a young millennial that is facing issues due to the current state of the economy? Is it a young mother that is looking to get something more out of her life? Who is it? When you figure out who your ideal customer is, then you can start building relationships on LinkedIn. That is what it's about, by the way, building relationships. Not selling. Cause when you sell on LinkedIn, you lose. This goes for ANY social media platform, not just LinkedIn. The best way to sell is to NOT sell. Sell YOU, your personality, your voice, your genius, not your products or services.

Quarantined but Active

You are probably in some sort of quarantine situation if you are reading this and if you are, you can definitely be active on social media, especially in places like LinkedIn. There's so much you can do on LinkedIn right now (writing articles, engaging with others, posting content, and sending messages to your ideal customers or clients). However, during COVID 19, you should be providing free or heavily discounted materials for people that can really benefit from them. (I am actually going to be providing branding on social media masterclasses soon). Do your best to keep your community active on social media (if you have a group on Facebook or if you have a community on Instagram that you talk to).

I Need Help!

I am not only offering free workshops during this time, but I am also doing my free audits on your social media platforms. What do you need help with? Or even better, what can I help you with? I will help you figure out a promotion, giveaway and/or project management tools that you can use when your team is working remotely on your platforms.

Are you interested? Fill out the form below and let's get on a call!

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