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LinkedIn Stories are Coming!

I definitely have called this - stories for LinkedIn. It's going to be game over for all the rest of the social media networks out there when this rolls out. With LinkedIn's engagement being the highest it's ever been and them becoming more B2C than B2B these days, they will be a real force to be reckoned with in the future. It's not that it's not a force to begin with, I mean LinkedIn has 660M users with over half of them being engaged users, which is amazing. LinkedIn has also rolled out their LinkedIn Live feature, which is doing incredibly well and driving engagement numbers through the roof.

Why Should I Care About LinkedIn?

A number of reasons! Your LinkedIn profile is not just a visual resume anymore, it's a place where you can build your personal brand, connect with quality leads, and get seen! It's a place where you can network with some of the best people out there. There are so many reasons and ways you can build your brand on LinkedIn. In fact, I see it all the time. There's a fitness trainer that is absolutely killing it on LinkedIn right now and a man who is doing amazing things on LinkedIn with his snack empire. LinkedIn is where Facebook was in engagement seven years ago, which means once they monetize (like really monetize), it's going to be game over for the organic reach on that platform.

What Kind of Content Works?

Lots of different content works on LinkedIn, in fact, I believe text works more so than a still picture on LinkedIn because people are more likely to read on the platform. Writing articles, pushing videos, creating amazing eye-catching graphics, all work for LinkedIn, but it's all based on what you do best. Are you a fitness and lifestyle coach? Videos work for you on LinkedIn because you would be more personable on that platform. Are you an author? Show your chops with articles, and amazing blog content. Are you a yoga studio or metaphysical store owner? Perfect! LinkedIn is a great way to push your products and be more personable to the people you connect with!

Why Do Stories Matter?

Stories are a great way to get more personable with your audience especially if you are a service-based business. The way the current state of social media is going is more on-the-spot moments or "un-polished" videos are more favored than the picture-perfect photos and videos. Stories are a great way to get those videos in there. While LinkedIn is just testing it out with college campuses at the moment, it's for sure going to be rolled out by Q3. This all started with Snapchat of course and no one knew how much of an impact the 24-hour picture story would make. It's been argued that Facebook has a complete monopoly on the whole social media game, and it does look like they "stole" Snapchat's idea. Either way, it does work for your business.

What About Paid Ads?

Nope. If I learned anything on LinkedIn, it's don't do paid ads on there. There's little to no ROI on LinkedIn, and you can't track it the same way as you can on Facebook. In fact, all the paid features on LinkedIn aren't really worth it to me (unless you can get a free trial). LinkedIn Premium is a bust, in my opinion, in fact, I actually did a masterclass on how you can get premium clients without using premium. There are so many ways you can get the same results for free on LinkedIn without using premium if you take the time and have some patience, you will succeed at it.

Want to Take Your LinkedIn to the Next Level?

Is your LinkedIn profile dead? Do you know that you can do a lot more than just have a visual resume on your LinkedIn and connect with your old co-workers or bosses? Even if you aren't concerned with getting new leads or getting business on LinkedIn, it's so essential that you have your own personal brand that everyone can fall in love with on there so that you can get opportunities for yourself. Want to know how to do that? You can schedule a call with me right here, to go over your LinkedIn page and see what kind of leads you can draw in using LinkedIn. Let's make 2020 your best year yet with your LinkedIn marketing.

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