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My 2020 Vision

It's been a while right? I took a mini-break from my business (well not really) but I did stop writing these blog posts for a while. Quite frankly it was because I was so mentally drained and I got sick.....twice! This flu season has thrown everyone in for a loop. However, I did take a quick trip to India this holiday season and it was AMAZING. I rode an elephant in Sri Lanka and I got to see the sunset on the Indian ocean. I got to see some family and eat some amazing food! I also meditated and did some thinking on this trip of who I wanted to be in 2020.

New Vision, New Changes

I've been really thinking about where I want to be in 2020, the money I wanted to make, and the services I was going to offer. All of it is going to be brand new for 2020. I am going to be offering new services outside the marketing realm (or portal, I should say). I will be re-doing my website and getting some photos done as well. It is the end of an era and I feel like with the new eclipse energy, I just feel like I am going to be completely re-born again. The energy for the past few months has been completely toxic and just made me absolutely sick. I was literally getting sick, not sleeping and barely eating. I decided that I needed to cut out the toxicity in my life that wasn't going to serve me in 2020, and really become who I want to be. I am still a digital marketing maven, but I will offer things on the spiritual side as well.

Heal First, Work Later

One thing I didn't do was really take some time for myself, which really hurt me later on. I wasn't really sleeping so I spent all of my weekends catching up on sleep, This took a lot of time away from me working on other things, like my business. Self-care is one of the many things I am going to be working on in 2020. Giving myself a mani-pedi, a salt bath, a night out with just myself, allowing myself to eat just a little more and not being so hard on myself. Doing some reiki, and clearing all the negative crap that seems to be inside of me might have been eating me alive. I don't want to take that with me into 2020.

New Vision

I am going into 2020 with a brand new vision of who I wanted to be. In 2010, I was still in college with the goal of being this corporate marketing person and I did that! However, LOTS of stuff happened in that decade that I just didn't foresee when I made those goals originally. I am going into this decade with that in mind as well. I want to be more than a fabulous digital marketer. I want to create an actual impact on people's lives and that's why I am offering intuitive coaching in 2020. I want to help people achieve their goals and dreams with not just my social media coaching, but as a spiritual coach too.

Be on the lookout!

I am going to be re-doing this site and re-branding myself, so be on the lookout for new website and social media changes. I will also be going live on my Facebook page more often and offering courses (yay!) I am also going to be offering a FREE masterclass on FB Live on getting leads on LinkedIn without using Premium! Want to learn how to get in on that?

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