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My Word for 2021? Manifestation.

Manifestation. I learned about how to manifest your dream life this year, and it's been going well. When you manifest things in your life, you have to remember to be grateful for what you already have. Coming from a place of thankfulness will allow you to have more things to come into your life. I have been manifesting more clients, more gigs, more business relationships, and less stress! It's been looking good so far! I am planning on going bigger, leveling up, and creating more space for doing what I love to do the most! What have you been manifesting this year?

What Are Your Goals for 2021?

I had a blog last year around this same topic, but I (along with many other businesses) did not think that 2020 would be the dumpster diver year that many claim it is. While I am not going to lie, I really struggled for the first half of the year. It was definitely a challenge. This was also the very first year I decided to go all-in with my business. What a year to do it huh? However, I was able to get a few clients this year that absolutely loved and appreciated everything I did for them. I was able to get a virtual assistant to help me out with tasks that I don't want to be doing. I also learned a very important lesson that I feel that every business just starting out should know: the importance of investing in yourself.

I invested in courses, coaches, and retreats. I also invested in a trauma healer to get rid of all the old traumas in my life. I highly suggest everyone do this if you want to move forward in your life and business! I also invested my time in reading books like Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, and The Four Agreements. My goal is to read at least five new books next year.

My Goals for 2021

I want to invest in myself a little bit more and I want to invest in my business. I bought some more tools which help streamline my processes a little bit more. I invested my time in learning about ClickUp and Pretty Simple App (a follow-up lead app from my coach, Sharon). I am going to invest my time in more coaching, more courses, and more amazing women's circles.

Do I have a money goal? Yes! Of course, I do. I want to make six figures duh! I also want to be satisfied with making six figures or even seven figures. I don't want to lose myself and not enjoy the money I am making. I've been working hard on my money mindset this year and I hope to have a much better relationship with money next year. Growing up, my family didn't really have much and money was very hard to come by. My parents were first-generation immigrants, so they really did not have anybody or anything to fall back on except to make it work in the US. That is what they did. It didn't come without money pitfalls and bad deals in which my parents almost lost everything they owned.

I always viewed money as a necessity and grew up to have the same hustle mindset that my parents had. I had two jobs at one point, burning the candles at both ends, wearing myself out until one day I woke up with what I now know as COVID-19. It was a wake-up call for me to not work as hard as my parents did, but work smarter. My parents worked their asses off so I could get the life I have now, and I am forever grateful for their sacrifice, but I also wished they taught me how to not have such a volatile relationship with money.

Creating Content and Having Themes.

My content creation is going to be even bolder next year. I recently got a tripod ring lamp as a gift and I am planning on using that in abundance this coming year. More professional-looking black and white photos in my Instagram feed as well as more affirmation posts (this has gone over very well with my audience), and creating more blog posts talking about how to get rid of your toxicity and BS. This content as well as creating more ebooks on what my audience wants from social media is what is working.

Creating a theme for each month is what a friend of mine is doing for the new year and I kinda want to do the same. I want to create themes of what spiritual entrepreneurs should do on their social media pages, their website, digital marketing, and what kind of themes they should put into their branding. My content is going to reflect all of this in 2021!

My plan!

So, what is my plan for 2021? I want to be able to manifest my dream life of course, but I also want to be practical about it. My actionable steps? Let's get more consistent. Showing up more on IG and FB live, getting more camera time, getting over my fears of selling to my audience, creating mindset magic around my thought process and doing some more trauma work to release what is still there. This year I felt I had a ton of growth in my confidence, and showing up more on social media. I felt like I created a ton of space for the clients that I want to have and the audience that I want to serve, Now that I have defined my audience I need to show up for them a lot more!

How Am I Showing Up?

I am in the middle of creating the best social media strategy guide just for spiritual entrepreneurs. It's all about social media strategies for each platform and how you, as a spiritual boss babe can absolutely crush 2021 on each of those platforms. I will be announcing the pre-order very soon. I want to be able to help all spiritual entrepreneurs reach their goals for 2021 this year!

By the way, you can still book a free discovery call with me today to learn more about each other! To book a discovery call you will need to fill out this questionnaire. and then you will be led to my calendar. My services are not for everybody so this is why I have this process in place. Please note that ALL of my prices are going to go up in January, so if you want to lock in your rate it's best you do so now!

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