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Which Social Media Platforms Should I Use for Each Generation?

When coming up with a killer social media strategy, before you can come up with the content, the first thing you need to do is figure out who your ideal audience is. Do you know who your ideal audience is? Or at least the generation they fall under? Are they baby boomers? Gen X? Millennials? Gen Z? Not every social media platform is built the same way! The content on each platform is presented and consumed differently. By this logic, each generation will have a favorite platform they use or at least a platform they use more often than others.

Baby Boomers

Okay boomer, lol. Research shows that Baby Boomers are more likely to use Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. Why? The older generation likes traditional media. The newspapers, the mail-in flyers, coupons, etc. Which means they like a lot of text, and what is the one platform on social media that still has a lot of text on it? Besides, Reddit, it's Facebook! Facebook has a way of getting Baby Boomer's attention with text that is at least 200 words long. Let's say you are a psychic medium that has been in the industry for 30+ years, and all of your clients are Baby Boomers. How would you market that on Facebook? Write long posts about how amazing your clients have been to you or post a story about how your life was changed with your gift. Pair that with homemade recipes for your wax candles, that you also sell and you are good to go!

Gex X

Mostly known as the forgotten generation, Gen X does spend quite a bit of time on social media. The platforms that Gen X would most likely use are YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. The reason being is that since they are the generation that bridges the gap between traditional media and digital, they have an appreciation for text and video in the same regard. Let's say you are an owner of a Yoga Studio around town and need some help bringing customers in their 40's. Facebook + YouTube would be your main strategy and for a yoga studio, I also highly recommend Instagram and LinkedIn. Most yoga studios would already have a Facebook or Instagram page, but not a LinkedIn page which is where a lot of Gen Xers hang out as well. Optimize your LinkedIn and get customers following you or your page on there too!


This is my generation and I feel like we sometimes get a bad rap. We are the generation that uses social media the most, but we also appreciate the old ways! I grew up with recording my favorite tv shows on VHS, and AOL dial-up. However once MySpace and Facebook hit the scene, it was game over for the rest of the internet where our only form of anything like it were message boards on the internet! (I was on the Eminem and Maroon 5 message boards back in the day lol). The most consumed social media platforms for us would be Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. I also believe LinkedIn is not far behind on this as well because I see way more millennials or x-ennials on these days than Baby Boomers or Gen Z. The number is around 60%.

Gen Z (Generation iPhone)

This would be my niece and nephew's generation or what I would like to call, the Maddie Ziegler (the girl from the Chandelier video and also Dance Moms) generation. These kids grew up with an iPhone in their hands and are consuming content with a blink of an eye, which is why apps like TikTok took off so quickly. The social media platforms to use for this generation are TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. Notice that all of these have visual content attached to them. Mostly video content. If you are marketing your legging line for teenagers, you would most likely want to create a video to reel them into your pages and to your website. Creating a video series on YouTube and partnering with an influencer like Jojo Siwa or MirandaSings would be a top priority for your strategy.

Okay now, what?

So you have the audience, now what do you do? It's time to create the content based on who your ideal customer is and each one is different for each business! Are you a bakery that sells gluten-free cupcakes to Gen X and their kids? You would need to market yourself on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You would be churning out tips and tricks on how to live a gluten-free lifestyle in all of your videos and stories on IG and FB. If you are brand new to the social media game, I would recommend you start out with just ONE OR TWO SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS because spreading yourself out too thin when you are starting out is a recipe for disaster. Plus, when you get enough followers on one or two, you can easily drive them to your other platforms as well. Once you have the content in place, then you can start to do things like ads, FB/IG live events, etc.

I Need Conversions!

Ah yes. The ultimate question I get asked almost on every discovery call I have with a client. How do I get conversions off of social media? You can actually get conversions, you just need to play the long game.

  1. Be consistent with your content. This is a big key point indicator on whether you will get conversions or not because if you are not being consistent with any of your content on social media, you will most likely not get a single conversion.

  2. Have a good landing page. What is your landing page? Is it your home page or is it a mobile responsive landing page that can convert your leads off of social media easily? If not check all of what is currently wrong with it and fix them all.

  3. Be responsive. You might not have a link for your landing page for all of your pages (although I highly recommend it). You will need to be responsive in your comments and DMs on social media. The faster the response, the more likely you will land the lead!

Help! I Don't Have the Time!

If you don't have the time to worry about this, The Spirit Digital has you covered! We do everything social media related and much more. We can get your leads to convert on social media by getting you in front of your desired audience and nurturing them in a way that will get people to want to buy from you! The way to sell on social media is not to sell but GIVE, and we have got that process DOWN! If you are tired of posting pictures of your products or services on social media and would like to see an upward spike in your numbers, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch!

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