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The Next Target Market on Social Media? Gen Z

I don't know about you but I grew up on MySpace and AIM. If you are familiar with both of those internet creations, then congratulations you are probably a millennial. If not, then you are either Gen X, Baby Boomer or way too young to be reading this. Those of you who still think social media is just for teenagers need to listen up. Yes, there is a very good percentage of teenagers on social media, but there are a lot of adults on it as well, and while getting that market is important, we CANNOT forget about Gen Z.

Why is Gen Z Important?

There are a couple of reasons why Gen Z is important, but the first and biggest reason is, is that most Gen Zers (14-24) are nearing adulthood or are adults right now. Which means they are at the age where they can buy stuff on their own for the first time. In fact, by 2020 Gen Z will have $44 billion in buying power, and the number goes up to $600 billion when you add parents spending. Think about that for a minute. If you don't already have a kids line of what you offer, it's time to add one.

Where Are They?

What social media platforms are they on you ask? According to Campaign Monitor YouTube seems to be the biggest platform with 82% of survey respondents saying they spend most of their time on that social media site. With Snapchat and Instagram following behind, it's safe to say that Facebook wasn't their social media platform of choice. Interesting right? Almost like influencers and such are getting them to buy stuff. With over 33% say that they are more likely to buy a product or service on social media after seeing it once, it's pretty clear where it's all headed right?

Most Preferred Method of Brand Engagement? Social Media.

Gen Z is online like all the time. I mean, the stats back this up. Social media is a place where some Gen Zers can feel safe too. We are talking about mostly teenagers, and young adults here, so let's look at it from there perspective. They want to be talking to people that can relate to them on a personal level. They are looking for people that eat their foods, wear their makeup, watch their movies, and be the friend they want to hang out with. They want their brands to act the same way, and one of the best brands that do this is Missguided.

This is why ads like this work so well.

This wasn't just a social media ad, THIS WAS A TV AD! I am so in love with the way they marketed to the younger generation here. They definitely took notes from pop artists like Ariana Grande and Just Dance era Lady Gaga to make a video that is so on point with their brand. This was so successful it won a shorty award!

The premise was to get the viewers of this ad to get people on social media to send videos with #cantisabadword on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The most popular ones would be shown on live tv. Missguided already had a cool little fanbase on social media, so as imagined the results were HUGE for this stunt! They had a sharp uptick on their social media engagement because THEY KNEW THEIR AUDIENCE.

Can't Afford a TV Spot? No Problem!

You can still get huge results without the TV spot, I mean take a look at what Target is doing with Facebook. They also have ad spots on Spotify, which is another platform Gen Z is on besides Tik Tok. Social media is a good way to get the TV spot exposure without the TV spot price ($115,000 for national tv spots). Gen Z is watching YouTube not TV, so get on camera and create a good YouTube or Tik Tok ad! You can track your audience a lot better on those channels as well, and you can become a brand that Gen Z can trust. Which is so important for Gen Zers at this stage in their life.

I Have No Idea How to Market to Gen Z!

If you need help marketing to your Gen Z audience, SPB Productions can help you create the social media strategy you need. I understand that you just got used to marketing towards millennials, and maybe your audience of older people, but if you have a product or service that can market towards Gen Z you definitely should. Note, I said that if you have something you can seamlessly market towards Gen Z. If you do not or cannot, then DON'T. Don't market something you shouldn't market to or you cannot market to. With that being said, if you're interested in learning more about your customized social media marketing strategy for your Gen Z audience, schedule your free call with me here.

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