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Using Instagram DMs to Grow Your Account.

Ever heard of the phrase "I'll slide into your DMs?". It's a phrase IG users use when they want to connect without giving their phone number, it's literally the 2019 version of talking on the phone LOL. This isn't something that millennials do, a lot of businesses started doing this as well. I know what you are going to say, well isn't that spamming their account? Here's the thing: you aren't spamming if you are genuinely engaging in their content and that's what Instagram marketing is all about. It's about making those genuine connections and getting those relevant followers to view all of your content.

What's the Benefit?

Short answer? More followers. Long answer? By DMing, in your follower's inbox, you are essentially letting your followers know that you are "alive" so to say. You are engaging with them and letting them know you are looking at their content. Doing this will lead to more people looking at your IG page/profile and your content. Let's say you are a metaphysical shop that wants to get more people in your store. You push out a piece of content that says

"New Moon Giveaway! We are giving away three tiger eyes, three selenites and three amethysts loose stone crystals, and a free reading from one of our resident psychics from our storefront. To participate you must comment "I want in" on this post, follow us and tag three friends in this post. We also have a new moon ritual for anybody that wants to participate. Mention this post and you will get 50% off"

You can DM all of the people that follow you, and pick a random person to win your generous giveaway.

How Can I Do This?

Plenty of ways, but the easiest is to comment on stories. All you need to do is click on a followers story and comment. It'll send as a DM.

You can also send a DM by just clicking on the paper airplane button on the home tab,

OR you can go to the profile of the user you want to message > click on message in the top right-hand corner.

Want to message someone that you don't follow? You can message them directly through the app now! This option only shows up on mobile devices, and even though you might be able to get messages off the desktop version (In chrome: right click > inspect > click on toggle device tool bar, the little button that looks like an iPad and iPhone on the top left hand side of the screen > close out inspect > refresh your page twice > and BOOM! IG should now look like the mobile version), it still won't do this on desktop switched to mobile.

What Should I Say?

Whatever you do, DON'T cold DM people about your services/products on IG, cause this IS considered spam and it's a good way to get your account reported/blocked. Here's what you SHOULD do instead:

  1. Comment on their latest post or story and send them a DM about it, make sure it's genuine (authenticity is the keyword here) Did they provide tips on how to remove makeup without harming your skin on their story? Comment on how helpful you found these tips.

  2. Make sure these followers are RELEVANT to your brand. If you are a beauty influencer or brand, you would comment on another beauty brand about this or potential customer like a lifestyle influencer.

  3. Once you comment or send a DM, you should wait for a response. If you just get a heart emoji, you can thank them for that and try to initiate further conversation. If they aren't responding, it's best to move on. Remember this is a numbers game.

  4. If they are responding well to you, then and ONLY then you tell a little bit about what you do. This is why you need to make sure you have relevant followers, your services will make sense to them.

You should get people to either schedule a call with you (if that's your goal) or buy a product after this process.

Need Help? Let's Get Your IG Strategy Started!

Getting your Instagram to a place where you can monetize off of it is hard for many businesses to achieve, luckily SPB Productions can get there without spending a lot of money. If you are someone that is looking to get people to buy their stuff off of Instagram and not just follow them, let's get on a call to talk about your IG strategy today.

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