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Why You Need to Be Focusing on Facebook Ads

Facebook ads create a divide in the digital marketing space. Some might think it's a big waste of time while others are huge believers and get lots of business for it. Personally, I am in the huge believer camp. I believe if you know your way around a Facebook ad, you can get a great ROI for your business. The issue is, is that most aren't willing to spend the money on an ad without giving it a fair shot. Why should you? Here a few reasons why you should consider running ads.

1. More Consumers Are Willing to Buy from Facebook Than Any Other Social Media Platform!

That's right! DigitalSellingNews reports that 52% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand on Facebook than any other social media site. Considering how many people want to delete Facebook or just not want to be on it anymore, this is quite astonishing. The fact that more people turn to Facebook to get informed in their buying decisions is more than you need to know if you are considering running ads on Facebook. This might have to do with the fact that millennials are some of the biggest consumers out there right now, and most of them are on Facebook.

2. Targeting! Targeting! Targeting!

I can't express this enough. With Facebook, more so than any other social media platform, you can target specific demographics. For example, if you are run a successful mom blog and need some buzz around your book, running a couple of Facebook ads (and maybe some influencer outreach) would be the way to go. You can specifically target all sorts of moms in different stages of their motherhood. You can also do some organic marketing by infiltrating some mom groups on Facebook and writing a few posts based on what you talk about in your blogs as your experiences as a newer mom. This would make the odds of your book getting purchased increase dramatically simply because you are in front of your target audience.

3. Much More ROI!

If you are one of those companies that puts ads out in magazines, newspapers or mailers every single month, then a Facebook ad would be insanely cheaper! Not only are you getting in front of your ideal audience, but if you do it right ( and SPB Productions knows how) your ad spend won't be that high. Yes, Facebook is pay for play, and you will have to pay more for more reach, but you will get a far better outcome for ads that are targeted than ones that are printed.

4. Different Goals? Different Ads!

When you are thinking about running a Facebook ad, you need to think about your end game. What are your goals at the end of the day for your business? Do you want more sales? Brand awareness? More leads? All of the above? These goals require different ads:

  • More leads means a lead generation ad.

  • More brand awareness means an engagement ad campaign.

  • More sales means a carousel or look-alike ad.

Each ad is a different animal altogether, so you really have to know which one you want, while all ads require good content and copy, they do have several differences:

A lead gen ad will require a form and Facebook has their own lead gen form you can use!

An engagement campaign will need specific targeting in order to be successful and content that reflects that.

Look-alike audience ads will require a Facebook pixel. What's a Facebook pixel you ask? It's a piece of code that you can install in the header and footer of your website (most web hosts like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, etc will already have a widget for a Facebook Pixel. Facebook has an amazing guide on how to install it. When you install it correctly (there's a widget called Facebook Pixel helper on Chrome to see if you did install it correctly) it will track your visitors and retarget your ads to those visitors! Pretty powerful stuff eh?

I Don't Know the First Thing About FB Ads! Help!

If you are looking at this and you're still confused, no worries! SPB Productions has got your back! I have experience in a lot of paid social, and we know that each company and each campaign is different. We will strategize and work with you on your ad campaigns across all ad platforms, so you can get the best ROI. Interested? Schedule your FREE hour-long consultation with me today, so we can figure out what you need help with, and what kind of FB ad you will need to run TODAY.

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